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Branding, Strategy

A relationship built over the course of several years, Eric served initially as a designer to help create a visual direction for the platform in 2012. Having endured through various trials and tribulations over the course of the next few years, Eric and the team was eventually able to establish a profitable and expandable business by 2019.

Project credits

Eric Sin, Adam Hansel, Melissa Yang, Jonathan Ellis, Claire Hulme
Brand Design
Brand Identity
Web Design
Product Design

After being assigned the role of Creative Director, Eric took charge of a company rebrand and helped to create a personalized identity system for Kidoodle.TV. Along with a visual style, the team worked to create a brand direction that could be embraced by the current team as well as future employees.

Kidoodle.TV is a service for parents who want to keep their children in a safe streaming environment. We created a marketing website that served to inform the end users with details about the service and company values.